A Celebration of Picture Books

Contributed by Rhonda Jenkins, elementary librarian

November was National Picture Book Month; my school celebrated it with a challenge!

Students and teachers were challenged to read as many picture books as possible during the month of November! They diligently tracked, tallied, and turned in their numbers each week.

What students read individually was included on the tracking sheet, but also…

  • If families read together, each child in the family could count it.
  • If brothers and sisters read together, they both tracked it.
  • If friends read with each other, both of them put it on their tracking sheets.
  • If any non-classroom teacher read to the whole class in the LMC, each child in the class could count it.

Any type of picture book could be read: storybook, biography, nonfiction, wordless, graphic novels, etc.

We had some special events for the month:

  • November 10 (parent-teacher conference night) – Digital Connections were made with a relative. We used Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangout to have a relative read a picture book or two.
  • We made connections with schools in Texas, New Jersey and New York to see how many we could read together!
  • We encouraged students to Read the Author Alphabet – They read a picture book by an author’s last name for every letter of the alphabet!


The winners . . .

We are all winners because  we read!

But, the classroom that read the most picture books for the month won $250 in Scholastic Dollars to enhance their classroom library. The winning 3rd grade class read  1,859 picture books!

Third grade was also the grade level that read the most, so they won a grandparent read-in event.  They read 3,080 picture books!

It was a lot of fun! Check out our statistics:


After all tally sheets were completely turned in, we actually read 12,001 picture books as a school! Amazing!!! This means students were exposed to at least 12,001,000 words!

The best part of this challenge was the feedback I received from families. One parent wrote regarding her 2nd grader:

Ms. Jenkins,

The Picture Book Challenge is the greatest idea! Annabelle’s been reading like crazy since, and we need not remind her to read at all!

What a joy it was to connect with great picture books. 



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