Contributed by Rhonda Jenkins, elementary librarian

Reading and writing are enhanced by thinking! What better way to get students thinking first thing in the morning! Give them a space to express their opinions, thoughts and feelings. I started the year off with this whiteboard. Each day I change the question using an alliteration for the day of the week and a thought provoking question. I Tweet it out every day using #thinkwriteboard.

Student response has been amazing. Each day, they rush to read the question and to get to be the first to write their thoughts. Here are a few examples of our responses:



Of course, kids will be kids . . . that’s why it’s important to be on an erasable surface!

A #thinkwriteboard is a simple way to get students and staff involved in the library. I  also love that other Future Ready Librarians and teachers alike have seen our #thinkwriteboard examples on Twitter and have started one in their own school too!

Happy writing!!!



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